Do you remember Kotov from “Trace”? Where did the actor disappear after a terrible scandal with a beating?

He was convicted and found a new hobby.

The brutal and handsome Andrey Lavrov fell in love with thousands of women after his roles in the series “Next” and “Cathedral”. However, in recent years, the artist has completely disappeared from the screens.

Lavrov began his star journey as a singer and even entered the GMPI school named after MM Ippolitova – Ivanova, but in the third year he lost his voice, so he had to forget about his singing career. The artist made his film debut in 2001 – he played an episodic role in the film “Black Raven”, and then appeared in the TV series “Kulagin and Partners”.

On Lavrov’s account almost fifty roles in films and TV shows, but his acting career was hampered by his hooligan makeup.

In 2021, Andrey Lavrov attacked a VAI inspector. Lavrov was convicted of assault and given a 2-year suspended sentence.

While Andrei Lavrov’s acting career is on hiatus, he found a hobby for himself – the artist makes bracelets from leather and natural stones.

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