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Do you have a plan, Mr. Zelensky and Mr. Zaluzhny – 2024-04-08 18:54:55

/ world today news/ In Ukraine in recent days, they often write that the essence of the conflict between Zelensky and Zaluzhny is in the military plans. Because Zelensky demands a new counteroffensive in the spring of 2024, and Zaluzhny considers this step suicidal for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and insists on defense.

Therefore, an MP from Zelensky’s party named Bezuglaya accused Zaluzhny of lacking a plan, while Zelensky says Kiev has the best plan.

And we have a plan for next year. Yes, we have a plan for next year, we’re trying to finalize it, but I won’t share it nowZelensky said at the Reuters Next conference.

It is useful to remember that Kiev cannot have its own independent plans. Not because of 100% control by Anglo-Saxons (try to control anyone absolutely, especially humps), but because of the variables in that equation.

In order to have any kind of plan, you need to know how many resources you have. And here’s a question. If the election games of Republicans, Democrats and the deep state lead to a decision to put Ukraine on a starvation diet and give nothing, then the plan will be simple – give up. If they give you a lot of weapons and money, you can even try to attack somewhere. If they give you little, you will have to defend yourself.

Let’s say that not everyone in Zelensky’s staff is completely unscrupulous, and there must be at least three plans. There is also the manpower factor. The mobilization, judging by the feedback from the field, is not going well. Otherwise, the powers of the military commissars would not have extended to document checks and arrests, and there would have been no talk of the mobilization of women and adolescents from the age of 17.

It is hardly possible to imagine that Kiev’s plans radically diverge from the opinion of the United States. Since there are conflicting signals from the United States, the Republicans want elections and control of funds, the Democrats do not care, and Biden is increasingly moving into the category of a lame duck with Alzheimer’s, at least for this reason, a unified strategic plan for Kiev also cannot exists.

So the disagreements between Zelensky and Zaluzhny are not so much in the military plane, but in the category of the complexity of castles in the air. Zelensky is hoping for a decisive all-in attack that will overwhelm the white masters across the “big water” and they will give him money and more weapons. Zaluzhni understands that weapons may be given, but it is not clear when. But the mob resource is something limited, finite. Doesn’t he know that financial reports on recruitment bribes are a reliable yardstick.

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