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This coming weekend will be Christmas Eve. Due to the high number of corona infections, the measures have been tightened. This means that families have to decide how to celebrate Sinterklaas. Together with grandparents, with the whole family or alone with the family. Do you just celebrate Sinterklaas as usual?

The tightened measures state that a maximum of four people may be received, children under the age of 12 do not count. People are allowed to receive visitors once a day, while keeping a distance of 1.5 meters from people outside the family. Before you visit or receive visitors, a self-test must be done. The cabinet also states that people should be extra careful with contact between people over seventy and children under 12 years of age.

Last Friday, Prime Minister Rutte indicated in the press conference that it is very important that small children do not visit grandparents for the next three weeks. “If it really can’t be any other way with Sinterklaas: keep 1.5 meters away and test in advance,” said Rutte. He also says that he is afraid that the elderly could become infected by the children.


Marieke announces on Twitter that she has decided not to celebrate Sinterklaas together. Which is convenient, because her brother probably has corona.

Mies wonders on Twitter what doctors and nurses say about celebrating Sinterklaas with grandchildren. Sonja responds that she will let her father come, he wants to take that risk himself.

Nathalie has decided to listen to the advice of the OMT and to celebrate Sinterklaas without grandparents.

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