Chamber denounces slow approach to booster campaign De Jonge

“Picking is starting much too slowly again,” says Attje Kuiken of the PvdA. Last year, too, the Netherlands lagged behind in setting up the vaccination operation. If necessary, she wants the municipalities to help speed up the campaign.

“It’s a kind of Groundhog Day”, says D66 member Jan Paternotte, referring to the film in which history keeps repeating itself. According to him, we are now in “a catching up race, which we have to conduct with full force”.

‘De Jonge makes a fool of the Netherlands’

PVV leader Geert Wilders believes that outgoing minister De Jonge is not suitable for his position. “Every time he makes a fool of the Netherlands. He only takes action when everyone insists. The elderly are eager for that jab, but they don’t get it.”

Maarten Hijink of the SP also calls it scandalous that so few booster shots have been taken. According to him, it leads to unnecessary illnesses and deaths. Hijink also thinks that De Jonge should accept any help he can get. “There is sufficient supply. The hospitals, the district nurses, everyone wants to help. Hugo de Jonge just has to make sure that everyone who can get a shot will get a shot.”

Tomorrow debate

Tomorrow the House of Representatives will again debate the developments surrounding the corona virus. The measures have been tightened up again since last Friday. For example, the catering industry, non-essential shops, theaters, cinemas and sports facilities are closed after 5 p.m.

RIVM saw a slight stabilization in the infection figures for the first time today. A bright spot, according to the experts, although it is not yet clear what consequences the new omikron variant will have.


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