Do not even try! This is a terrible risk if you are desperate not to pay debts


Fintech peer to peer (P2P) lending aka online loans (pinjol) is a shortcut for people who need fast money. Despite all the conveniences offered, keep in mind that there is a risk of default.

Moreover, loans have higher interest rates and shorter installment tenors than conventional loans. This makes debtors not infrequently trapped in debt bondage to the point of not being able to pay the installments.

If the debtor does not pay the loan, there are many risks that must be borne by the debtor. Summarized by detikcom, Sunday (24/7/2022), here is the list:



1. Enter the OJK SLIK Blacklist

When applying for a loan or credit, the public will usually be asked to attach a number of personal data such as KTP, KK, NPWP, and salary slips. If there are still debts from legal loans that have not been paid off, then the application will not be accepted.

This is because personal data has been blacklisted from BI Checking to the Financial Information Service System (SLIK OJK). If that’s the case, it will make you no longer able to apply for help from financial institutions.

“Such as applying for a KPR (House Ownership Credit) or KPM (Car Ownership Credit), it will be rejected. The blacklist status at BI can also result in not being accepted to work at a financial institution,” said Andy Nugroho, a Financial Planner from the Advisors Alliance Group Indonesia.

To note, SLIK is information about the history of bank debtors and other financial institutions, especially regarding the status of whether customer credit payments are smooth or not. The records were collected from exchanges between banks and financial institutions containing the identity of the debtor, collateral, owners and management who became debtors, the amount of financing received, history of credit installment payments, and bad loans.

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2. Debt Collector being chased

Debtors who are always absent from legal loan payments will definitely be chased by debt collectors who collect directly at home. This will be done after previously being reminded via SMS, email and telephone.

If this happens, it will interfere with daily activities plus a sense of stress haunting because of fear itself. This is what was experienced by detikcom sources, say, Wawa (not her real name) who owes a lot of loans but doesn’t want to pay.

“I couldn’t sleep thinking that tomorrow I had to pay this installment, just like people are already stressed, uncomfortable, traveling around for fear of people coming to the house, that’s all. For illegal (loans) it’s impossible to come home,” he said.

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