Distant General Meeting of KOFOLA Company Approves Dividend Distribution and Insider Trading Reports

Distant General Meeting of KOFOLA Company Approves Dividend Distribution and Insider Trading Reports

The distant general meeting of the KOFOLA company, which took place from September 4 to 19, as expected, approved the only item under discussion. That is, the proposal for the distribution of last year’s profit of the beverage company. Of the 400.8 million CZK produced, 300.9 million CZK will go to the shareholders, i.e. a dividend of 13.50 CZK per share. The remaining approximately 100 million CZK will be transferred to the retained earnings account of previous years. Without elaborating, the company said the board’s proposal to pay the dividend was approved by a supermajority of all shareholder votes. It can be recalled that the company with a share of 67.22% is controlled by the company Aetos, which is mainly owned by the head of the beverage company Jannis Samaras.

Shareholders holding shares will be entitled to the dividend on September 29. On the Prague Stock Exchange, due to the T+2 settlement, KOFOLA shares will be eligible to be traded for the last time on Wednesday, September 27. On the RM-Systém exchange, where online settlement takes place, then even on Friday 29.9. The company will start paying dividends on November 1.

Insider transactions

This year, you can have a drink companies found a total of 13 regulatory reports related to so-called insider trading. That is, management trades with company shares. Most of them this year were related to purchases. There were four for sale and only from one person. Martin Pisklák, as the financial head of the subsidiary Adriatic, sold a relatively significant total of more than 8.5 thousand KOFOLA shares. This year, four people from the management set out to buy company shares and, in summary, compared to the aforementioned sales, they didn’t actually buy that much.

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However, this week on Monday, 729 shares were bought by the financial director of the Leros subsidiary, František Beneš, at a price of CZK 274. So he invested 200 thousand in this way. CZK. A day later, Pavol Chalupka also followed him on the Prague Stock Exchange. Head of Beverage Marketing companies in comparison, he actually invested 50 thousand. CZK less when he bought 550 KOFOLA shares for a similar rate of CZK 274.

It must be mentioned that stock purchases from parties management may not necessarily be related to boundless optimism in the future development of the title. Transactions must also be seen in the context of the incentive program companies. This makes it possible to obtain “paired” shares of KOFOLA for free precisely when the management’s own purchases are taken into account.

KOFOLA shares on the Prague Stock Exchange have so far closed unchanged at CZK 273 this week. Today, Wednesday 20.9. the situation may be similar, the deals have so far been carried out at exactly the same price, but some have also taken place for a crown higher.

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