Important Changes Coming in October 2023: Citizens’ Benefit, WhatsApp, Animal Welfare, and More

Important Changes Coming in October 2023: Citizens’ Benefit, WhatsApp, Animal Welfare, and More

What changes will October 2023 bring? There are a few, although not so outstanding, such as in July 2023, when the 2nd stage of the Citizens’ Benefit Act came into force.

But there are changes not only for those receiving citizenship benefit, but for all citizens in Germany. And many of them concern money.

In this article we provide an overview of the most important innovations for citizens in Germany, such as WhatsApp, animal welfare, tax returns, interest.

Citizens’ money October 2023

There won’t be much change in citizen’s money in October 2023. The payment date for the October citizen’s money is September 29th.

The citizen’s benefit for October 2023 will be paid out at the end of September, no later than Friday, October 29, 2023. This is the last banking day of the month. The citizen’s money must always be available to those entitled to it on the 1st day of the respective month, therefore it must be credited to the checking account on the evening of the last working day of the previous month. These are the rules for paying out citizens’ money!

Students have to pay more interest

Students are only very rarely entitled to citizen’s benefit, see citizen’s benefit for students. You finance your studies with BAföG or a student loan. Student loan interest rates rise to 8 percent or more in October. They are currently at 7.55 percent.

Gas is becoming cheaper

Good news – not just for those receiving citizen’s benefit with regard to heating costs – is that gas prices will fall in October 2023. All households that use gas can be happy: two gas levies will be abolished. With an annual consumption of 12,000 kWh, this would mean a saving of around 80 euros. The control energy levy is reduced to zero. The same applies to the conversion levy. This will also be abolished.

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The lower gas price is not automatically passed on to consumers. First and foremost, only new customers will benefit from this change. Anyone who can change gas providers as an existing customer should compare and, if necessary, make the switch.

WhatsApp only from Android version 5.0

There will be a problem for WhatsApp users if they use older cell phones. The service will only be usable on mobile phones with Android version 5.0 or higher. WhatsApp will inform the affected users about the discontinuation in good time.

State elections in Bavaria and Hesse

The citizens of Bavaria and Hesse elect their state parliament. This way they can show whether they are satisfied with the policy. The election will take place on Sunday, October 8th. There has recently been a major political discussion about whether work would still be worthwhile in 2024 in view of rising citizen’s benefit standard rates. It is possible that conservative parties will experience greater popularity.

Lidl is more focused on animal welfare

Lidl has announced that it will focus on higher farming methods for meat products. In the next few months, the meat range should gradually correspond to farming methods 3 and 4. We think this is a good step towards consideration for animal welfare.

Tax return for last year

The tax return for 2022 must – if not already done so – be submitted to the tax office by October 2, 2023, i.e. received there. These are tax returns that are submitted by a private individual without a tax advisor. It actually ends on September 30th. Since this is a Saturday, Monday is the last day for submission.

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