Distance, mask, borders: the new rules imposed to protect against variants of the coronavirus

The High Council of Public Health has issued new recommendations to protect oneself from the English variant of the more contagious and possibly more deadly coronavirus. The government is also advocating more restrictive measures. The point here.

Sheet masks

The High Council for Public Health issued new recommendations this Friday, January 22 to protect against the English variant of the coronavirus. Wearing the homemade fabric mask which now appears insufficient is not recommended. It will now be necessary to favor the mask surgical or even the category 1 fabric mask.

The Academy of Medicine does not share this opinion on the pretext that scientific studies are insufficient. “The effectiveness of masks for the general public has never been faulted when they are correctly worn”, assures the learned society.

Silence in transport

The advice of the National Academy of Medicine goes further. Its members recommend silence on public transport to prevent the spread of viral load. It is therefore recommended not to speak or make a phone call. Wearing a mask is of course compulsory.

Distance extended to 2 m

The High Council for Public Health also recommendsincrease the physical distance between two people, to pass it to two meters. A distance that appears more reasonable to protect against jets of postillions. it will inevitably result in the establishment of a greater physical gap between people in their workplaces, or in shops. However, remember that in the former, teleworking remains the main recommendation, while in the latter, the gauge set at 8 m² per customer must ensure this distance.

Borders: compulsory test

From this Sunday January 24 at midnight, a negative PCR test carried out 72 hours before departure will now be imposed on all European travelers, for trips deemed non-essential. A decision announced by the Elysee Palace Thursday, January 21 in the evening. On the other hand, frontier workers and land transport will be exempt from this obligation.

This was already the case for travelers from countries outside the European Union, including the United Kingdom. They must also undergo a spets day isolation and another test at the end of the septaine.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, estimated Thursday evening that “all non-essential travel should be strongly discouraged”, “because of the very serious health situation” linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Belgium on Friday banned its nationals from going on vacation abroad until March in order to limit exposure to new variants of the coronavirus and to avoid a deadly third wave of Covid-19.

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