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Disney + will warn you about films like ‘Dumbo’ and ‘Peter Pan’


From now on, Disney + will post a warning for certain movies. Classic Disney movies like Dumbo, Peter Pan in Jungle Book now have a warning about racist stereotypes.The warning states that the film “negative views and / or mishandling of people or cultures” contains. “These stereotypes were already wrong then and are wrong now.” Disney also states that the films will remain because the “harmful impact” wants to recognize, wants to learn from it and wants to have conversations about this. So we can “building a more inclusive future together”.

Different stereotypes
Movies like The Aristocats, in which a cat with ‘yellow-face’ plays the piano with sticks and Peter Pan which Native Americans are called “redskins,” contain the warnings.

Last year, Disney issued a warning for certain films that contain racist expressions. Then the message was a lot shorter. Incidentally, Disney + is not the only thing that warns against films with racist expressions; also Warner Bros. does that nowadays.

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