SWATCH welcomes the year 2021 with the “DISNEY MICKEY MOUSE X KEITH HARING” collection atgirlDisney, Mickey Mouse and Art line should not be missed!

DISNEY MICKEY MOUSE X KEITH HARING, an exclusive collection from SWATCH (SWATCH) with the creation of a collection that conveys the timeless character of Mickey Mouse through simple lines. But as powerful as Keith Haring, an American artist who is famous for his legendary pop art style, this 3 clock design is the ultimate art piece you must have.

SWATCH is a watch brand that has always been passionate about art. It is also one of the first watch brands to work with legendary artists such as Kiki Picasso, Alfred Hofkunst, or David LaChapelle x Amanda Lepore. Keith Haring was one of the first people to elevate the art of style.

Street art to be known and accepted in the art world more widely. It is also famous for helping fund. Project to educate children and raise awareness about AIDS as well.

When talking about Disney, Keith Haring has always had a dream to work with Disney. And once he painted Mickey The mouse passed his artwork. And in this collapse It marks a comeback with SWATCH after the first time in 1986 to design a total of four watches in the collection, before Keith Haring opened his own Pop Shop on Lafayette Street, New York. And brought the watch to be sold in a limited edition shop Plus, the collection is considered to be one of the most collectible SWATCH timepieces available today.

For this latest collection of DISNEY MICKEY MOUSE X KEITH HARING COLLECTION BY SWATCH, there are 3 models in total: ECLECTIC MICKEY, MOUSE MARINIÈRE and MICKEY BLANC SUR NOIR, it is a blend of Keith Haring and Disney Karak art. Router Put it perfectly Out to be an art piece worthy of a collection.

Like the MOUSE MARINIÈRE, the red and white design features Mickey Mouse’s signature red-and-white shorts as a chic gimmick on the watch band. The mouse printed on the glass is a unique detail.

Or if for a minimalist line, simple but as cool as anyone, MICKEY BLANC SUR NOIR is a monochrome monochromatic style watch. That transforms the artwork onto the wrist, with a close-up Mickey Mouse dial and a yellow hand

And the last version that the art line should not miss Especially for anyone who is fascinated with Keith Haring’s style line with ECLECTIC MICKEY model, Mickey Mouse dial, and the signature line of herring on the watch strap Complete this special design with three primary colors in SWATCH pattern, blue, yellow, red, which are perfectly mixed and matched. And another special thing about this collection is a special package that fans of Mickey Mouse, Keith Haring, or Swatch must have!

Prepare to be the owner of exclusive artworks with DISNEY MICKEY MOUSE X KEITH HARING COLLECTION BY SWATCH, all 3 ECLECTIC MICKEY models, price 6,300 baht, MICKEY BLANC SUR NOIR models, price 4,150 baht and MOUSE MARINIÈRE models, price 3,300 baht, which will be available On January 7, 2021 at all Swatch stores and the Official Online Store “shop.swatch.co.th” only for MICKEY BLANC SUR NOIR and MOUSE MARINIÈRE models on January 12, 2021 free delivery nationwide. Special! When buying 2 pieces or more, get free Tote Bag Limited Edition # limited quantity



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