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“Discovering Fun and Useful Tips in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”

As “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” (The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom) has been on the market longer, the player community has discovered more interesting secrets, regardless of the bug of copying props , most of these skills have a certain degree of convenience for the strategy of the game.

Of course, the method is up to people, and how to use it depends entirely on the player. Most Links use various secret techniques to develop their ideas on the creative level. Here are some tips that have been circulated by players on the Internet recently, regardless of whether they are practical or not. , just look at it and smile.

portable pot charging

The Portable Pot Capsule is not just for cooking. Players have recently discovered that when using the Portable Pot to make food on the vehicle, the battery can be restored at the same time.

This useful technique helps players stay in the air for extended periods of time when playing with various aerial vehicles.

fly high device

“Tears of the Kingdom” is an ultra-open world that focuses on vertical exploration, so there are thousands of ways in the game to let Link go up in place.

Basically, you can make various Zonau devices to allow Link to fly to high altitudes, and the game’s physics engine itself seems to be able to “fan” Link directly to high altitudes through fast-rotating wooden boards.

However, the above-mentioned methods are not as good as the “plank rocket launch method” discovered by players last week. Essentially, the combination of planks and spears, plus the ability of “reversing the universe” can make Link take off in place.

According to the actual measurement of the film, its lift-off height is obviously higher than that of any Zonau device, which is also a bug technique.

Infinite Jump Bug

When it comes to bugs, we have to mention “infinite jump”. This is the infinite air jump method recently restored by players through aerial attacks and switching shield operations.

Of course, although this bug is not suitable for taking off, it is quite convenient to solve the temple puzzle, and it does not need to consume any zonau equipment.

plank magic carpet

The plank magic carpet seems to be a bug movement method caused by the physics engine of “Tears of the Kingdom”. In the actual test video, Link is riding a plank that is constantly drifting forward. It is worth mentioning that there is an apple on the plank.

by playerReturn usage methodthis bug seems to be applicable to any flat object, such as a Zonau wing or a simple wooden board, as long as it is something that Link can easily jump on, use the blueprint to call out the prop, and quickly press the button in the reproduced state B→Y moves to make the object drift.

Although not necessarily practical, the actual visual effect is still amazing.

Copy props (improved)

Yes, the bug of skydiving duplicating props has really saved many Link players who were focused on developing various Zonawu disaster devices, so more convenient duplicating props has become the object of some players’ research.

In essence, adding a fan machine to keep floating in a small place seems to make it easier to copy props.

Kidnapping Purya

Yes, because Purya is so popular in this game, overseas players have developed a method of how to “kidnap Purya” and travel together in a vehicle.

According to the sharing of overseas players, the method of kidnapping an NPC is not too difficult. The actual method is to use two platform cars upside down, and glue the car body after the NPC leaves the fixed point, so that the NPC is stuck in the middle.

I took Purah to the sky!
Depend on u/Zeldaswitch9exist tear soft the kingdom

Basically, this method can be done as long as the NPC can move, so as long as you have your eyes on the NPC, you can take them to the world with you.

Of course, “Tears of the Kingdom” itself has too much freedom, just like “Breath of the Wild”, the player community will always find more interesting and practical tips, whether it is a strategy or a Zelda creator, Regardless of any function, players can find their own fun in the Kingdom of Hyrule.

As for using the camera function to take a selfie with the big eagle Link, it is also included, and it is not too much.

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