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Discover some of the most famous robots in Medicine

Robotics is essential for many sectors and Medicine is one of them. Robotic medicine has examples of robots that are already an essential aid for doctors. Robots are the future in the medical sector and below we are going to offer you a list of the most famous robots that have already made their contribution to this sector.


Tug is an example of a robot that is used to lighten the load and some processes for the patient. This takes medicines to the hospital staff, which makes them arrive faster and avoiding errors in their deliveries. In addition, it also performs other functions such as transporting patient food trays or collaborating in cleaning.


ViRob is a nanorobot, that is, it is very small and has the ability to move easily through the veins, arteries or areas of our bodies at a speed of 9mm per second. Measuring only 14 mm, it can enter our body and make an invaluable exploration of places where traditional medical tools would be impossible to reach. In the same way, it can transport medicines or even has the ability to make certain incisions without having to go into surgery. This robot is inserted with an injection or can be swallowed.

Da Vinci

It is one of the most famous robots and was born in 2000. It is the best known for being the first surgeon robot and during all these years it has been refined and is currently used all over the world when performing less complex surgeries. invasive.

It is a very precise robot that makes it reach levels that are difficult for a human being to achieve, reducing blood loss, postoperative pain and other risks related to anesthesia.

Da Vinci is usually used in stomach, kidney or prostate extraction surgeries and despite being a very autonomous robot, the medical team always controls its performance.

What is clear is that robotic technology does not stop and in the coming years we will see many more advances and models of robots that will be incorporated into the day to day in the health sector as they are of great help and reduce human errors.

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