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Dinkes Reports Mycoplasma Cases in Children in Jakarta: How to Prevent and Treat

CNN Indonesia

Monday, 04 Dec 2023 05:51 IWST

Illustration. The DKI Jakarta Health Office revealed that currently there have been several reports of mycoplasma in children in Jakarta. (iStock/Tomwang112)

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Head of the Surveillance, Epidemiology and Immunization Section of the DKI Jakarta Health Service (Dinkes) Ngabila Salama revealed that currently there have been several reports mycoplasma on the child at Jakarta.

“Yes, that’s right (there have been several reports of mycoplasma cases in children in DKI Jakarta),” said Ngabila when confirmed CNNIndonesia.comSunday (3/12).

However, Ngabila has not detailed the number or location of the mycoplasma cases.

“From the lab results, we are still collecting the numbers because the examination is very specific. It must be proven by PCR to know the type of germ that caused it,” he explained.

Ngabila explained that specific examinations for the causes of pneumonia must be carried out using multiplex PCR examinations or viral panels (syndromic testing).

He said that the multiplex PCR examination could detect viruses and bacteria at the same time, namely viruses [Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), influenzae, Covid-19, adenovirus, parainfluenzae, dan lain-lain]; and bacteria [dapat terdeteksi 4 jenis: mycoplasma, legionella, pertusis, clamidophilla pneumonia].

Ngabila revealed that mycoplama does not worsen children’s pneumonia conditions, but rather the RSV virus.

Furthermore, Ngabila explained that human immunity tends to decrease when the season changes from dry to rainy. Apart from that, there is also the humidity factor which makes it easy for germs such as viruses, bacteria and fungi to enter the human body.

Thus, Ngabila appealed to the public to anticipate an increase in cases of ‘walking pneumonia’ under five in China caused by Mycoplasma bacteria.

“There is also a trend of increasing childhood pneumonia in Jakarta which can also be caused by viruses, most commonly Respiratory Syncytial Virus / RSV, influenzae, COVID-19, adenovirus, rhinovirus, parainfluenzae,” said Ngabila.

Ngabila explained that there are two ways to prevent this disease. First, tighten clean and healthy living habits. Residents are advised to use masks in crowds, especially those who are sick, wash their hands regularly with running water and soap, maintain air ventilation, and avoid cigarette smoke.

Another way is complete routine immunization for children. He said there were 15 free immunizations from the government from children to adults, 1-4 doses of vaccine for Covid-19 for ages 18 years and over free at the nearest community health center and regional hospital, and recommended self-paid influenza vaccine for ages 6
months and above, especially vulnerable groups, namely toddlers, the elderly, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women and health workers.

Ngabila also asked the public to immediately go to a health facility if they experience symptoms so that they can immediately receive treatment from a medical team. He said the Covid-19 antigen and PCR tests were free at the health center for all those with symptoms.

“If there are indications that a doctor will examine the type of germ, multiplex PCR will be carried out to detect several types of viruses and bacteria, including mycoplasma, so that therapy is more specific according to the type of germ causing it,” added Ngabila.


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