Diesel: a new emergency is coming

Russia’s war in Ukraine has already changed everything. Here’s what’s about to happen in Europe: doomsday scenario

For weeks we have been fighting with expensive fuel. According to some, it is a dramatic consequence of the war in Ukraine. According to others, a gigantic speculation. Not to mention a big scam. But in addition to the price increases, another emergency could be upon us.

Diesel problem (web source)

The government chaired by Mario Draghi has in fact attempted to pose brake on the price increases of petrol and diesel with a cut, albeit temporary, on excise duties. For a month, basically, prices should be calm. What has happened in recent weeks, however, is unacceptable.

And in many cities, in fact, especially on the initiative of the Codacons, there have been matches class action to get back on the indiscriminate increases that characterized the last month. Petrol and diesel consistently above two euros per liter. Moreover, with an equal cost, as had never happened in history.

We will see how stable prices remain. And how the bottom-up battles set up by motorists will end. Which, of course, are also taxpayers. In the meantime, a new emergency could rock the market.

The protagonist is diesel fuel. Here’s what could happen in the next few weeks.

Diesel is in short supply

The scenario feared by some is worrying. We are increasingly in a war economy regime. And, in fact, Vladimir Putin’s choice to invade Ukraine has led and will lead to economic consequences that all of us, unfortunately, will experience firsthand.

Diesel problem (web source) 2
Diesel problem (web source)

What could happen in the next few weeks is that distributors run out of diesel. In fact, there are many complaints about the scarcity of the resource. We are talking about one of the main sources of energy. And, therefore, the scarcity of diesel would have a heavy impact on the whole world.

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But all of this seems inevitable. World stocksin fact, according to insiders, they are starting to run out. Also and above all because of the crisis in Ukraine. In fact, Europe and the United States have so far responded to the invasion with heavy economic sanctions against the Soviet state.

Ma About 3 million barrels of oil and derivatives per day are exported from Russia. The war crisis, therefore, risks changing the market further. In fact, Europe has relied heavily on Russian diesel over the years. Europe imports about half of its diesel from Russia and the other half from the Middle East, but now the time is approaching when the diesel deficit will make itself felt.

The Old Continent is not autonomous from this point of view. So very hard times could come. Not just for diesel fuel and therefore for motorists. But also for heating systems. And if it is true that winter is now in the archives, the future is not bright anyway. Also because the war in Ukraine, unfortunately, seems far from over.

In short, the risk of having to ration stocks it is absolutely not something science fiction.

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