Did You Know? Natalie Portman is a Harvard Psychologist and Multilingual Actress Facing Marital Struggles

Probably many of her fans did not know that the Israeli actress, producer, director and writer is also Psychologist graduated from Harvard.

Natalie Hershlag, as registered at birth, is originally from jerusalembut when she was three years old she moved with her family to the United States, so she learned to speak Hebrew and English.

Among his first and most memorable acting jobs is his participation in the saga of Star Warsbut she decided not to attend the premiere, since she had to study for their final exams in high school.

She has always been that dedicated to her academic preparation, which led her to enroll in the Harvard University and walk out of there with a degree in psychology.

In addition, he wrote a couple of scientific articles, the first of which is entitled “A simple method to demonstrate the enzymatic production of hydrogen from sugar” and was published in the Journal of Chemical Education.

His second article was the product of a collaborationand is entitled “Activation of the frontal lobe during object permanence: Data from near-infrared spectroscopy”, which focused on studying the brain of babies and in which he made reference to an innovative technology for its time.

Also did postgraduate studies Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and has studied languages such as French, German, Japanese and Arabic.

Natalie Portman reaches her 42nd birthday with marital crises

The well-known actress, whose birthday is the same day that Johnny Depp goes through his 42nd birthday surrounded by speculation about his marriage.

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In recent days, the focus of attention has been on their relationship because a couple of images came to light in which her husbandBenjamin Millepied, he was unfaithful with a French lawyer.

So far it is believed that Natalie has decided Continue with their marriage for the sake of their children: Aleph, 12, and Amalia, 6; but this decision has caused him a strong wave of reviews.

Despite the uncomfortable situation, the actress and psychologist gets ready for the premiere of his next film May December, in which he shares the screen with Julianne Moore; and she hopes that this new installment manages to appease the comments regarding her sentimental situation.

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