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Díaz-Canel speaks out about the Cuban doctors kidnapped in Kenya – 2024-02-19 13:56:52

After an unofficial source assured that the Cuban doctors who were kidnapped in Kenya in 2019 lost their lives this week during a bombingthe designated president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, went to social networks to comment on the event.

The official assured that the Castro government was working hard to confirm the alleged death of the doctors, since the only source so far is a text shared on the Telegram channel of the extremist group that kidnapped Landy Rodríguez Hernández and Assel Herrera Correa more than four years ago.

“I express all my solidarity and affection to the families of our doctors Assel and Landy, in these moments of uncertainty and increased pain, in the face of the tragic news not yet confirmed, in whose clarification we work hard with international authorities,” wrote Raúl Castro’s successor. on Twitter, now known only as X.

The designated president stressed that the information about the alleged bombing carried out last Thursday, February 15, could not be officially confirmed, so they did not lose hope that the doctors are still alive.

“Assel and Landy represent the noble and generous spirit of a people who share even what they do not have, with the humble of the earth. Cuba does not lose hope of finding them alive. We will do so as long as there is no official confirmation that they have died,” he added.

It is striking that, for almost five years, the Cuban government claimed to have been unable to find the whereabouts of the doctors kidnapped by the Al-Shabab group, but now it is committed to confirming their deaths without giving details of how it plans to do so.

For now, the only source about what happened is an alleged news story shared on the Al-Shabab Telegram channel, in which the group claims that an “American” bombing ended the lives of the Cuban doctors, who had been held in against his will for almost half a decade to treat wounded militia members.

This statement ensures that for years, the United States had focused the attacks it carried out in the region specifically on Cuban doctors, implying that even the North American government knew of the whereabouts of the Antilleans while Cuba was dedicated to “ardently searching for them.”

The kidnapping of the doctors was reported on April 12, 2019, when Rodríguez and Herrera were traveling in a vehicle of the medical mission to which they belonged and were intercepted under crossfire by the terrorist guerrilla.

After the incident, The Cuban government dedicated itself to comforting the families of the doctorsstating that they would not rest until their return home was guaranteed.

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