“Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077” solemn apology! CD Projekt Red promises to completely repair the game and release free DLC | eSports

The most anticipated masterpiece of 2020, “Dian Yu Renke 2077”, after its launch due to numerous bugs and incomplete game content, has suffered from pre-order players. Today (14), the official CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwinski officially announced to players I apologize, explain the game release schedule and other issues, and promise to release free DLC this year, free updates for next-generation consoles, etc., and work hard to complete the repair of this game that should be a milestone in the history of the game.

The most anticipated masterpiece of 2020, “Dian Yu Renke 2077”, was officially launched on consoles and PC multi-platforms at the beginning of last month. However, after the official launch, due to numerous bugs, game content is not as expected, etc., many players have been attacked and even forced the PlayStation official After removing “Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077” indefinitely, CD Projekt Red subsequently announced that it would accept players to apply for a full refund, which is obviously quite embarrassing for a company that was once known as one of the world‘s top gaming companies.

Today CD Projekt Red is formally apologized to players by Marcin Iwinski, co-founder of CD Projekt Red, explaining the game release schedule and other issues. He first apologizes to dissatisfied players and asks players not to blame the game production team, saying that the game is under such conditions. The decision maker of the still release is the board of CD Projekt Red, not the staff of the game.

Marcin Iwinski also explained to the players why “Dynamic Rebel 2077” will encounter problems this time. He said that the difficulty of the incident lies in the large scale of “Dynamic Rebel 2077″. The original goal of CD Projekt Red was to make the game available on PC. The beautiful picture of the night city, and then go back and adjust it for the old-generation home console. He said that this plan ultimately failed because CD Projekt Red underestimated the situation. He cited the insufficient reading speed of the hard disk of the old-generation home consoles. Therefore, the company must continue to provide game engines with graphics and game mechanisms. )” system, which also caused additional testing and repair work, and ultimately failed to detect the problems encountered by many players in the testing session. In addition, Marcin Iwinski also said that the work from home and schedule delays caused by Wuhan pneumonia further slowed down the overall game progress, including the provision of media game trial numbers and other schedules.

“Dian Yu Renke 2077” will continue to fix bugs and launch free DLC, free next-generation console updates and other content in 2021.Picture: Retrieved from the official website

Official saidIn the middle of 2021, CD Projekt Red will continue to provide support, fix bugs, and improve game content for “Dynamic Rebel 2077”. In addition to the updates that will be launched in the near future, this year the official will also provide free DLC for “Dian Yu Renke 2077” and free updates for the next generation console to improve the game’s performance in the next generation console environment. In the update announcement, CD Projekt Red also stated that although the game team is working hard to fix bugs and other issues, the company did not require employees to work overtime, and said that avoiding this vicious overtime practice in the future is also one of the company’s top priorities. In addition, the official also stated that they are actively cooperating with Sony, hoping to get “Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077” back on the PlayStation platform as soon as possible.

Marcin Iwinski, co-founder of CD Projekt Red, officially apologized to the players of “Dynamic Rebel 2077” and promised to repair the game completely. Picture: Retrieved from Youtube


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