‘Seo Young Chunko’ Seo Dong-gyun “Married at the age of 50, and a prospective bride saved me”

Seo Dong-gyun/SBS Capture © News 1

Seo Dong-gyun, 50, the son of the late Seo Young-chun, one of the Korean comedy legends, and a comedian and actor, will be married in May.

He said in a phone call with News 1 on the 14th, “I was thinking of living alone because I was older, but I met a good friend.” “That friend saved me.”

Seo Dong-gyun’s bride-to-be bride is 10 years younger and runs a private business. Seo Dong-gyun laughed, “I don’t know that my friend (pre-bride) lived in a foreign country for a long time, so I did entertainment activities, but when people asked me to take pictures, they wondered,’Why do you ask my brother to take pictures?'” laughed.

He added, “I was planning to have a wedding last year, but I am planning to do it in May of this year because it seems that it will not work, but it may change depending on the situation.” Seo Dong-gyun has been running a seaweed restaurant for 4 years. He said, “I have an acquaintance who is the representative of this restaurant, but when I started the business, I asked for a public relations director. He added, “I didn’t think the restaurant industry was so difficult, but it wasn’t easy,” he added. “In the first year, I had a lot of hard work to settle down.” Regarding the future entertainment plan, he replied, “I started doing business because I couldn’t just wait for the work, but I still have thoughts about the activity.”

Meanwhile, Seo Dong-gyun debuted as a KBS public comedian in 1997, and appeared in KBS’Gag Concert’ and SBS”Midnight TV Entertainment‘ to make his face known. He also worked as a musical actor. Seo Hyeon-seon, Seo Dong-gyun’s older sister, also worked as a comedian.

(Seoul = News 1)

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