DHF Endemic Areas, Tanjungpinang Residents Asked to Beware of DHF during the Rainy Season

batampos- Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) is still a threat to public health in Tanjungpinang, especially during the rainy season which can trigger an increase in cases originating from the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Sri Handono

Being an endemic area for dengue fever, residents who live in Tanjungpinang are asked to be more alert when they find out about a case that is developing in the community.

The Head of Disease Prevention and Control at the Tanjungpinang City Health Office, Sri Handono, explained that until mid-2022, there were 137 cases of dengue fever, this figure tends to be lower than the previous year which reached 176 cases.

“This month alone we have 24 cases of dengue fever, while last year it reached 41 cases,” said Handono, Friday (24/6).

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Handono explained, the same as the previous year the highest cases occurred in the Pinang Kencana Village with a total of 35 cases and in 2021 the number was even two jali more, namely 72 cases.

“The lowest cases are now in Dompak because there are still zero cases,” he said.

Although there are areas that still have zero cases of DHF, Handono reminded that Tanjungpinang is an endemic area of ​​DHF, during the rainy season there is a high potential for puddles of water around the house so that it can increase cases of DHF.

“Especially not being aware of the environment, if there is one case and there is an unknown pool of water, it has the potential to cause transmission to accelerate,” he explained.

He added that until mid-2022 there had been no cases of DHF that had died, while throughout 2021 there were 3 cases that caused death.

“Last year there were three cases that died. The case fatality rate is 0.78 percent, meaning that out of 100 cases, the death rate is 0.78 percent,” he added.

reporter: Fairy Irawan

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