Man shoots at Oslo nightlife crowd, killing at least two

In the Norwegian capital Oslo, a man has shot at nightlife crowds. At least two people were killed. More than twenty injured. Ten of them needed medical care; three people are seriously injured.

According to broadcaster NRK, the shooting incident took place around 1.15 am in the London Pub, a gay bar in the center of Oslo. An NRK reporter who witnessed it says a man arrived at the case with a bag, took out a weapon and started firing.

Police have arrested a suspect near the cafe. There is currently no information on the identity of the shooter.

A police commander tells Norwegian media that two weapons have been found. The shooter would only have used one weapon. In addition to the London Pub, an adjacent jazz café and eatery are also seen as crime scenes.


Oslo Pride has been taking place in Oslo since last Saturday. At several places in the city, attention is drawn to LGBTI rights and diversity through meetings and events. The Pride lasts all weekend.

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