Detained 61-Year-Old Owner of Spy Network Threatens Serbian Security

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The detained 61-year-old Lyuben Grigorov from Bosilegrad owned a giant spy network on the territory of Serbia, which threatens the security of the country.

This is the impression left by the reader today, flipping through the official documents of the regime of President Aleksandar Vucic, newspaper “Politika”, reported BGNES. According to the “revelations” of the publication, Grigorov “had a large financial resource, an agency that included both civilians and military personnel, local politicians and public figures.” Grigorov personally received his assignments from Bulgaria and had the main purpose of intelligence on the state of the Fourth Brigade of the Serbian Army. And he exchanged the received secret information with NATO agents, as well as with Albanian spies.

The article also makes a direct connection with the confiscated books of Edwin Sugarev last month, as well as with his non-admission to the Western suburbs. The publication is pleased to emphasize that there has been a charge of “national, ethnic and religious hatred and intolerance against Ivan Nikolov, the chairman of the Bulgarian Cultural Center in Bosilegrad.

“Politika” had data that “Serbian services have discovered and identified not only Lyuben Grigorov, but also a large number of other persons who were part of the Bulgarian spy network, which operated not only in Bosilegrad, but also in the surrounding area. “They expect new arrests” due to the suspicion that Grigorov’s network did not only operate for Bulgaria, but also for NATO, its intelligence agencies and espionage operations.

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