Desperate to escort two cars, these police officers almost overturn a stroller

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Everything seemed to be in place for a pleasant stroll downtown with their newborn. This couple therefore decided to go for a walk and when they were crossing the tram tracks to change sidewalks, they saw a whole delegation disembarking in the distance.

The latter was under very good escort and even benefited from the rails of the tramway to make their way through the city. Yes but now, we are still not on an emergency.

Well believe it or not, the police managed to get the little family to back up and let them pass. Truth be told, the mother pushing the pram didn’t really have a choice.

And for good reason, the biker almost knocked over the stroller by stopping at the last moment! Fortunately, the father, in the front line, had the reflex to raise his head just before to step back and thus avoid a dramatic accident.

It didn’t go far

This stroller nearly flew through the air after being hit by a police motorcyclist. Because yes, even if the parents should have been more attentive before crossing, the policeman obviously did not intend to stop.


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