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Deputy Superintendent’s Grandson Fatally Hit by Pickup Truck: Family Seeks Justice

The “Deputy Superintendent of Phan Thong Police Station” complained to the media that his grandson was fatally hit by a pickup truck that was passing through a hard line. so that they cannot continue to study Again, the opposing party said that he was close to the “Deputy Superintendent of Ta Phraya Police Station” and that he was the grandson of the District Police Officer in the area, able have taken things from wrong to right. Even the first person who was on duty made the case that it was his fault. Ask your supervisor to check your work. In case they are not treated fairly

At 6:00 pm on April 24, 2024, reporters traveled to Phan Thong Police Station, Chonburi Province, and met with Police Lieutenant Apiwat Sricharoen, Deputy Police Station, Phan Thong Police Station. After testifying Appeal to the media From the case on January 2, 2024 at about 12:00 noon, the grandson had a motorcycle accident where he was hit by a pickup truck the vehicle was destroyed and completely injured. His leg was broken so he was in a bad condition. I was bedridden for over 2 months and could not go to school. The incident happened on the bypass road. Ta Phraya Hospital, Village No. 1, Ta Phraya Sub-District, Ta Phraya District, Sa Kaeo Province

Police Lieutenant Apiwat Sricharoen, deputy police officer at Phan Thong Police Station, said his grandson rode a motorbike out of the house to go to the market. There is a heavy van that slows down and stops. to you The grandson came out and was crossing to the other side of the canal road. which is a garden lane road with clear clear lines, but at the time the grandson was crossing the road and approaching the other side, the other party’s pickup truck crossed a hard and curved line. forcing him to hit his grandson with all his might until he was hurt and his leg broken. brain hemorrhage Treat yourself for several days. He could not continue studying to finish Mathayom 3, and now he has a bone brace on his leg. Need to rest and recover

which is after what happened He went to see his grandchildren. The other party was a pickup truck driver. He spoke loudly and boasted. He knew the deputy director of the Ta Phraya Police Station in the area where the incident took place and said he was familiar with this area. Be close to the assistant director in the area. and they can change expressions and cases from wrong to right As for the injured person, if they want money, they should go to court. So that there had been discussions and mediation all along. We could not agree.

Until April 21, there was another mediation negotiation. And this time, the brother of the person who claimed to be a pickup truck driver came to the Ta Phraya Police Station and came saying that he was the nephew of the Provincial Police Station No matter what, he was not afraid . Because he can make a case between right and wrong. Not long after the officer on duty in the case, Police Lieutenant Colonel Eknarak Munharn, Inspector (Investigation) at Ta Phraya Police Station, also came out to file a report and he pointed out that his grandson, who was driving the motorcycle, was to blame because it was him. driving In fact, the reckless party may have been a pickup truck. Because he passed a sharp curve and hit his grandson’s car and was injured.

from the incident He believed he had not been treated fairly. As the opposing party came to argue and threaten, claiming to know both the Assistant Superintendent of Ta Phraya Police Station and being the nephew of the Regional Police Station in the area, he therefore to send his message to the head of the area. or Director General of Ta Phraya Regional Police Station I want you to come down and take care of the matter and the matter. Because he thought there was no fairness in the presentation in the case.

and addressed to the commander-in-chief Look at the work of police officers. who was on duty in this case in detail Because the evidence at the scene of the crime, witnesses, and witnesses of what happened are all available.

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