Deputies present a project that seeks to prohibit the reproduction of music in schools that alludes to drug use and the use of weapons

A group of deputies presented a bill that seeks to prohibit the reproduction of music and videos, in educational establishments, that allude to drug use or the use and possession of firearms or blanks.

The initiative is promoted by the parliamentarians of RN, José Miguel Castro and Ximena Ossandón, in addition to the deputy Tomás Lagomarsino (Ind.-PR). The objective? Address the increase in children involved in crime and especially the arrival of new drugs such as “Tussy”.

Just as the initiative -with a single article- establishes that “prohibits the reproduction of music, whether in audio or audiovisual format, that in its content makes express mention of drug use of any kind, as well as the use and/or possession of firearms and/or blanks, in all educational establishments and in all the activities that they carry out outside their own premises but within the educational field, including recreational ones. In case of non-compliance, the sanction will be a fine of 500 UTM”.

In this regard, deputy José Miguel Castro assured that “We cannot allow criminals to have soundtracks now and to be examples for children; in the educational environment we will not allow it. Because children are in full training and we must ensure that the school is a safe placewhere content that promotes good practices prevails and does not replicate examples that may be harmful to its development”.

“It is logical that outside of that context they can face violent games, movies, etc., but the State must ensure a healthy environment free of violence, drugs and weapons,” he added.

Castro defended the initiative and stated that “Fabulous cars, mansions, jewelry, weapons and drugs appear recurrently in the video clips. That is permeating our youth, our children in a worrying way, who normalize them as if the consumption of drugs or the use of weapons were something allowed.”

“With this project we seek to put a shortcut to the dissemination of content that promotes these behaviors, at least in the educational environment where children must be cared for and protected,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ossandón maintained that “today as a society we are seeing a situation that is very worrying. We are witnessing how our children, our children, our grandchildren are experiencing behaviors that are not normal for their physical or psychological development. We have seen situations of violence, and facts that do not correspond and that overwhelm us a lot”.

“This project aims to protect children from a very young age from being nourished by certain songs or audiovisual media that urge them to use drugs or carry weapons in the same way as is done with alcohol”added the legislator and reinforced that “We want the school to be a protected space that is in full harmony with parents, so that children have the freedom to develop to their full potential in the most natural way possible.”

While Lagomarsino declared that “those who promote it (drug use and use of weapons) as a way forward, generating stereotypes that they seek to achieve, such as being a drug trafficker, carrying weapons, having many resources as a result of this form of crime, of course we have to be able to restrict them, and in my opinion even eliminate them from this scenario, otherwise we generate a perfect storm in which our boys and girls are influenced by this type of apology”.

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