NASA plans to develop an arsenal of alien-hunting robots

It is not part of a science fiction script, it is a real plan: the NASA is thinking of developing, literally, a swarm of robots to search for extraterrestrial life on other planets.

these bots, the size of a cell phonewill be the protagonists of the concepto SWIMdeveloped by the US space agency for the exploration of celestial bodies and planets.

According to a report from the Spanish website of Independent, the robots would be embedded in a probe that melts ice and sinks through the several-kilometre-thick icy shell of the planetsbefore a mechanism releases them underwater to take measurements of the oceans, previously impossible to reach.

An investment of 600 thousand dollars

The report adds that NASA awarded $600,000 to Ethan Schalera mechanical engineer specializing in robotics at the space agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, to study feasibility and design options, hoping to build a 3D printed prototype in the next two years.

Shaler wondered: “Where can we take miniaturized robotics and apply it in new and interesting ways to explore our solar system?”. And then he answered.

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