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Department of Agriculture in Alicante Completes Bluetongue Vaccination for Livestock Herd, Over 55,000 Animals Vaccinated

The Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Generalitat Valenciana has already completed the vaccination against Bluetongue in the livestock herd in the province of Alicante.

More than 55,000 animals vaccinated (mainly cattle and sheep), the vaccination percentage is already close to 100% of the census. This next week, the Official Veterinary Services will be in charge of verifying that all animals are vaccinated, including those on the smallest livestock farms in the province.

This mandatory vaccination campaign for cows and sheep (voluntary in the case of goats) started last February after the detection of a case of Bluetongue in a beef farm in the municipality of Orihuela, which led to the immediate acquisition of vaccines by the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and its notification to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

It should be remembered that bluetongue or sheep bluetongue is a viral disease of mandatory declarationwhich affects ruminants and is transmitted by the bite of certain species of mosquitoes of the genus Culicoides, although it does not affect humans, since it is not transmitted to people.

After the detection of the disease on February 8 in Orihuela, the Ministry decreed mandatory vaccination against serotype 4 of the virus for all animals over three months of age of the ovine and bovine species throughout the province of Alicante. For this, a purchase was made of 120,000 doses to a laboratory in León.

From there, a dozens of veterinarians They have been in charge of communicating the vaccination information of the immunized animals for their timely registration and control by the official veterinary services of the Ministry in the eight regional offices of the province and in the Territorial Directorate of Alicante.

In just two months a total of 80,000 doses in sheep, cattle and goats, most of them in livestock farms grouped in the Health Defense Groups (ADS). Specifically, in the ADS of Bravo Bovine of Alicante, of Fattened Bovine in the Vega Baja, of Ovine and Goat of the Marina Alta and Baixa, of Villena, of the Vinalopó Valleys, of Elche, of the Baix Vinalopó, of Rojales , from El Pilar and the Valencian Frisian Association (AFRIVAL).

Professionals remember that bluetongue primary vaccination in sheep it involves a single dose in the ovine species of 2 ml and two doses in the bovine species of 4 ml each, separated by 21 days from each other. And they emphasize the importance of all animals being vaccinated by this time to be able to move.

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