Densus Commander Reveals the Story Behind the Discovery of 35 Kg Bombs


The inner conflict has haunted Imam Mulyana, the leader of Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) Majalengka for some time. He was arrested by the Densus 88 team in September 2017 and is currently in the Nusa Kambangan prison. After swearing allegiance to the Republic of Indonesia, he was transferred to a terrorist prisoner’s house in Sentul, Bogor.

Even though he had repented and realized his mistakes in the past, his little heart continued to stir. He and two of his friends once hid bombs ready to explode in the Mount Ciremai area. If his two colleagues were free from Nusa Kambangan and then took action, it is impossible to imagine how many victims there might be.

“So there really was a gap of about four years from when he was arrested until he wanted to reveal the existence of the bomb. We were very surprised when it was said that we had 25 kilograms of bombs,” said the Commander of the Special Detachment (Densus) 88 Anti-terror Inspector General Pol Martinus Hukom while talking to the team bluntly., Friday (8/10/2021).

After coordinating with the BNPT, which is building him on a daily basis, the Densus bomb disposal team brought Imam to trace the location of the bomb he had hidden. It turned out to be at an altitude of 1,456 meters Mount Ciremai with a total of 10 kilograms more than what was originally called Imam.

TATP type bomb (Triacetone Triperoxide) or often called the “Mother of Satan” are each stored in 10 kg jars. At the location, on September 4, 2021, the Densus Team also found a plastic bottle measuring 250 ml, explosive C1 and 1.5 bottles of drinking water containing TATP that had changed color. The tamer team destroys (disposal) all these hazardous materials.

“The question of what is the target of preparing so many bombs has not been revealed. It is still a mystery to us,” said Martinus.

From this case, the general who was born in Maluku, January 30, 1969, wanted to describe how the personnel of Densus 88 work. In addition to law enforcement measures, a humane approach and intense communication with terrorism suspects and convicts often produce more optimal results.

Imam Mulyana was arrested by the Densus Team three hours before President Jokowi attended the closing ceremony of the IXth Nusantara Palace Festival (FKN) on September 18, 2017 at Tamah Gua Sunyaragi, Cirebon. He is a fugitive after being involved in the bombing on New Year’s Eve 2017 in Bandung City.

When arrested at a mosque on the side of the road where President Jokowi’s convoy will pass, Imam kept a sharp weapon under his shirt. He intends to attack the police and take his gun.

Unfortunately, all the achievements of the Detachment Team seem to have been nullified by Gerindra politician Fadli Zon. He called Densus 88 too Islamophobic and needed to be disbanded. Martinus Hukom responded diplomatically. “That’s part of democracy, we accept all criticisms as evaluation material. Please check what Densus is doing. If there is even one manipulation, it will definitely be found out,” said Martinus.


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