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DenkOrt deportations in Würzburg: “Names belong to people”

Würzburg. Around 100 people had gathered at the DenkOrt Deportations at the Würzburg main station on Thursday evening and accepted the invitation of the Unicef ​​university group in Würzburg in cooperation with the DenkOrt Deportations and the Stolpersteine ​​working group.

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Rina Meerson and Maren Schmitt from the Unicef ​​university group referred to teddy bears and prams at DenkOrt, which make it clear that children were also victims of the atrocities of the Nazi regime. A total of around 165 children up to the age of 17 were deported from the Würzburg train station to concentration camps and thus to their deaths. That motivated them as a child protection organization to organize this commemoration.

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Patrick Friedl took over the role of Mayor Martin Heilig at short notice. He reminded me of 15-month-old Hanna Klein from Theilheim near Schweinfurt. At the time, she was lying in the stroller, which was photographed in the Ringpark, waiting with her mother for deportation. The baby carriage at the DenkOrt reminds us of them. As soon as they arrived, the small children were herded into the gas with their mothers.

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The reading out of the names by the students was accompanied by lights distributed by children at DenkOrt. A minute’s silence followed. Benita Stolz from AK Stolpersteine ​​is touched by how great the interest of the students in the university group was in a path of remembrance. She warned: “Because it is primarily up to young people to do everything possible to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again.” the stones belong to the people who would really be their neighbors today. Today they clean stones for children and young people who would be around 80 years old today. They would be our neighbors in the retirement home, would sit next to us on the bus or tram.”

Afterwards, the members of the university group and other participants in the rally cleaned many children’s stumbling blocks in the city center and decorated them with flowers and candles. ms

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