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Denil Maldonado surrenders to Chielllini and reveals what he has learned from him

Los Angeles United States.

LAFC They are on the verge of playing the grand final of the Major League Soccer against him Colombus Crewin a match that will be played on Saturday, December 9 at 3 in the afternoon.

Before the crucial clash the Honduran spoke Denil Maldonado, who stated that it is an illusion to win the league title and win his first MLS cup.

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The central defender mentioned the keys that LAFC must execute to achieve victory, they reminded him of Motagua and he spoke about the advantage of having a player like Giorgio Chiellini.


How do you rate this season?

Happy to know that we are in a new final, playing the two-time championship for us is the nicest thing that has happened this season. We know it hasn’t been easy because of all the ups and downs we’ve had. In the end, I think it is a reward that we have, but on Saturday we have to finalize it for ourselves.

Personally, how are you experiencing these moments?

Very excited, arriving and fighting in a final is something nice. For me it is a new experience. My family is happy to know that I am on the team that is fighting finals, it is always nice for one and it is a nice experience.

About Colombus, rival in the final:

They are close games, we know that Colombus has been playing well, it is not easy to play away from home. Obviously we have the fans and the weather against us. In the end, it will be nicer to win away from home, we have to prepare for the game first and then see if we are given the chance to win it.

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Rescuing the MLS Cup is a positive thing:

We had the possibility of winning the Concachampions, that remains a scar and at the same time learning to be able to win this cup that, in the end, will be a reward for the ups and downs that we have had in the year, it would be something nice for the group, to know that it is coming to another consecutive final and winning it would be wonderful.

How to take care of Colombus, a team that is coming back from behind?

We know that this comes from the emotional side, going 2-0 and they come back, it’s not easy at all. The issue of timing, how one’s head is, managing the game, more than anything. If we are losing we have to know how to handle it, not fall into despair. But if we are winning, we have to keep it good, close spaces, we know that games are always about details.

The solidity in the lower zone of LAFC:

You start winning games by keeping a clean sheet, that’s the most important thing. Knowing that not conceding a goal gives you much more confidence as a defender, but in that aspect, we are in front of a team that knows how to manage games, you have to be prepared for everything.

Do you see yourself raising the glass?

Yes, you think about that scenario of lifting the cup, but you have to play and make the dream come true.

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The doors of Giorgio Chiellini:

What it generates is trust. Knowing what Giorgio generates in championships, so many Champions Leagues, to that we can add that experience, his teammates feel comfortable, his contribution is important with all his experience and also how to learn from it to gain that confidence and level of player, as a person Let’s not say, he contributes well to the group.

Off the field, what is Chiellini’s contribution?

He is a real gentleman, he is a very charismatic, kind person. I think they are one of those players that you want to have in a club, because he contributes a lot to the club.

What have you learned from him?

Much at a football level. Personally, one learns a lot. He has played in so many Champions Leagues, so many tournaments, that helps you gain experience.

You have been champion in Honduras, now you are part of the group at LAFC, what have you contributed to the club?

In that aspect, each player comes with the purpose of reaching a final and being able to win it, everyone does their bit, in that aspect we have come to contribute a lot and thank God we have been given the opportunity to be in the tournament for the first time. a final in the MLS.

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