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Demonstration in Bern: “We are fighting against management dictated by fear” – Switzerland

Nearly 300 people protested on Federal Square in Bern on Saturday against Confederation policy linked to the coronavirus. A Germanic group of concerned citizens (“Bürgerforum Schweiz”) called for the rally.

The forum criticizes the measures taken by the Federal Council to fight the pandemic. “The people are sovereign. We are fighting against management dictated by fear led by the government ”, can we read, for example, on the group’s website.

This includes in particular the former member of the Zurich SVP Daniel Regli, president of the association “Marche pour la vie” which led several demonstrations against abortion.


These skeptics of government policy form a heterogeneous group which welcomes supporters of esotericism, opponents of vaccines, people affected by the orderly semi-containment in Switzerland as well as people from the right-wing conservative circles. Conspiracy theories also circulate among them.

These people have already demonstrated on several occasions in Bern when rallies were prohibited due to the coronavirus. Saturday, the demonstration was authorized. In order to allow protesters to participate without a protective mask, their number was limited.

Three sectors for each time 300 people were available, a space far too generous for the 300 or so participants. They gathered in front of a small grandstand decorated with a large Swiss flag, where speakers were able to speak.


The rally provoked a counter-demonstration from leftist autonomist circles. Nearly 80 people shouted anti-fascist slogans. The heavy police presence and the closing of the Federal Square, however, prevented the two groups from meeting. (ATS / Le Matin)

Created: 06.27.2020, 5:16 p.m.

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