Dell Announces Interactive Conference Room Display

With the Dell 86, the manufacturer launched a touch display with a screen diagonal of more than two meters. Dell wants to replace the traditional whiteboards.

The “memorable” named Dell 86 4K Interactive Touch Monitor (C8621QT) is a wall-mounted IPS display with a diagonal of 217 centimeters and a full 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, the area of ​​application of which should be the conference and seminar rooms of this world. Dell sees the solution as the perfect replacement for the whiteboards previously used and positions the Dell 86 particularly in the collaboration environment.

Giant display with focus on accessibility

In addition to its sheer size, the multi-touch capability with 20 simultaneous points also fits, as well as the “Dell Screen Drop Feature”, with which the screen utilization can be adjusted to the body size of the person using the display. This means that team members who have grown smaller or are wheelchair-dependent do not need any help with their work, but can adjust the screen height to their requirements with sensors attached to the side in three different positions.

In addition to using the fingers, it is also possible to use a stylus that is magnetically attached to the side of the screen. Marks can be deleted by swiping the ball of your hand.

Dell 86 4K Interactive Touch Monitor (C8621QT). (Photo: Dell)

Dell 86 offers various connection options

The imaging device can be connected via USB-C. If this is a notebook with a corresponding charging device, the Dell 86 can not only receive and display the images of the notebook, but can also charge the notebook quickly with up to 90 watts.

The USB-C port is not the only way to supply the giant display with pictures. The Dell 86 has four HDMI sockets and a display port. In addition, the device can be integrated into the network using a LAN cable. An audio output is also available, although the screen is equipped with an integrated 20-watt stereo speaker. A range of USB and RJ-45 ports plus an RS232 interface rounds off the connection portfolio.

Price and availability

Dell plans to ship the screen from April 10, 2020. The company currently does not provide any information on prices. The previous model without USB-C costs around 9,000 euros. The price of the Dell 86 4K Interactive Touch Monitor (C8621QT) should also be in this region.


Dell is not the only provider of conference room systems. The South Korean manufacturer Samsung also has the flip a display on the market that wants to make a name for collaboration. However, it only offers 65 inches and UHD resolution. The price for this is also in the range between 1,000 and 2,000 euros and thus well below Dell’s distinction.

With the Surface Hub Microsoft tries to establish itself in the collaboration market. There will be an 85-inch version next year. So far, only sizes up to 65 inches are available. The prices are similar to those of Dell. However, a full Windows 10 runs on the hubs and the corresponding hardware is also integrated in the display.

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