Big clash between Dylan and Marvin!

New year, and new clash between two reality TV candidates! The scramble opposes this time, Dylan Thiry to Marvin Tillière. The reason ? The second accuses the first of scamming his fans!

Indeed, to put things back in order, Clo, ex-candidate of the last season of Koh-Lanta (the war of the chiefs) on TF1 confided in our colleagues from PurePeople to talk about a scam of which she was the victim.

“On November 21, 2019, Dylan posted a tempting story offer on his Instagram. By offering to win airpods via a website he said of a ‘friend of his’. He was reassuring towards those who had fear of not receiving anything. ‘Don’t worry friends, you’re all going to receive your airpods, they’re coming to you’ “. The young woman went on to say: “When placing the order, the airpods that were normally offered are finally priced at 15 euros (the delivery price). My account was debited the next day. I then received several emails from the brand ( confirmation of the order, then email of apology for the long delivery times because big success of the brand …). It is January 3 and I have neither news of the brand, nor airpods received. “

A case that revolted the ex of Maeva Martinez who spoke directly to the darling of Fiji saying: “How do you eat with stolen money? All the public figures, the people who make reality TV. But also those who do not take the balls. Who do not take the time to denounce this kind of thing. Because that you are afraid that your product placements will jump … I too will attack you, do not move … “

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Dylan’s response

Faced with these accusations, the former shipwrecked man replied: “Following the success of the brand (success that you surely never should have known throughout your career … well if you already had one), there was a stock shortage, which generated a late delivery, he explained first. Personally, I sleep on my two ears, because I know that a large majority has been delivered and that the rest will be delivered no matter what happens (I have confirmation from a reliable source). “

The Luxembourger adds, severely classifying his new enemy:I will send you 10 euros thereafter so that you can treat yourself to a Greek. You are that kind of poor guy who searches for problems before finding the solution (…) A narcissistic pervert who strikes and insults women and mothers who turns into superheroes, it’s unheard of! “


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