‘dear patient returns to the doctor’, campaign against collapse of visits

“Dear patient, in recent months we have discovered how fragile health is. To protect it, we stayed at home. To protect it, today we can see each other again. Because health restarts only with a prescription. This”. It is the message of the campaign #proteggilatuasalute, promoted by Doc Generici to repopulate medical clinics ’emptied’ by the Covid-19 emergency, with a particular attention to the chronically ill. Why “for this type of patient constant monitoring, revisions of the treatment plan and valuable advice from the treating physician are essential for a correct therapeutic adherence“is the meaning of the initiative launched online, on TV and with billboards in the main Italian cities.

The spot, created by McCann Health and visible on the Doc Generici website “https://www.docgenerici.it/proteggi-la-tua-salute/?utm_source=adn&utm_medium=generico&utm_campaign=proteggilatuasalute&utm_content=general), it is proposed to “enhance the relationship between doctor and patient made difficult by the long lockdown period of recent months “, through” an emotional message with a reassuring tone. “A doctor who, in the silence of his clinic, writes a letter to his patient by hand as if it were a prescription on white letterhead, before to leave his studio.

The campaign is inspired by the results of a recent survey conducted by Medipragma, presented in August at the Rimini Meeting, which shows that between November 2019 and March 2020 the daily average of outpatient visits in Italy dropped between 50% and 60%. While in the pre-Covid-19 period an average of 21 patients were seen per day, in the months of April and May the average dropped to 7 patients per day including televised. In particular, land cardiology visits were reduced by 33% and pediatric visits by 53%.

“The consequences on the health of Italians are inevitable”, experts warn. Starting with the reduction in hospitalizations for diseases other than Covid-19 (-48% for heart attacks, for example), up to delays in new diagnoses (the -20% of haematological visits recorded is potentially linked to the delay in the diagnosis of diseases such as leukemia).

Always the survey indicates a increased requests for digital recipes, exchange of information and remote doctor-patient communications. Factors have allowed the ‘white coats’ to maintain active contact with their patients even in this long emergency phase.

“Being alongside our doctors today, as a pharmaceutical company, also means trying to intercept the needs of this world – declares Riccardo Zagaria, CEO of Doc Generici – With this campaign, Doc Generici has intercepted the concern of doctors towards the many patients who suffer of chronic pathologies, or that have the strict need to carry out visits and examinations on a certain regularity and which, due to the health emergency, have deserted the clinics of both general practitioners and specialist doctors. We hope to encourage them to return to the doctor, with the necessary precautions, and to return for treatment “.

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