Dear former participant of ‘Protagonistas de la Música’ reappeared on TV in La Cabaña: this is what he looks like today

In the recent episode of The Cabina dear participant of Music protagonists reappeared on television.

We refer to Hernán Pelegríwho achieved fourth place in the Channel 13 program that aired in 2003, finishing behind Feliciano Saldías, Sebastián Longhi and Ximena Abarca.

In this context, the artist was part of one of the dynamics of the chapter, which was headed by Joaquín Méndez, Gissella Gallardo, Macarena Sánchez and José Miguel Viñuela.

Along with his inseparable guitar, the performer performed karaoke with celebrities.

One of the first songs the musician played was Now you can go by Luis Miguel, unleashing the joy of those present.

Later, Hernán joked with Gissella Gallardo, after he dedicated the hit to her nice stickin clear allusion to Mauricio Pinilla, who lost a clear goal in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

This fun activity concluded with the traditional “if you know it, sing”, where Pelegrí sang classic songs by The Beatles, Los Enanitos Verdes, Ricardo Arjona, among others.

It should be noted that one of Hernán’s last appearances was in 2019 in The Voicewhere he joined Yuri’s team.

This was the appearance of a former participant of Music protagonistsHernán Pelegrí, en The Cabin

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