Day of “Los Bukis” as declared by the Los Angeles Council

The Los Angeles Council declared the days of May 3 as “Los Bukis”

Mexico City.- The Council of the city of Los Angeles, California, declared this May 3 as the “Day of Los Bukis” in that city of the neighboring country to the north.

The “Day of the Bukis” was declared as a tribute to the career of the Mexican musical group and to celebrate the concert they will give at the Memorial Coliseum.

The declaration of the “Day of the Bukis” was made official by the councilman of the ninth district, Curren D. Price Jr., through a resolution and through his account of Twitter.

“Los Bukis is where the world comes together. When Marco Antonio Solís sings, we all speak the same language. To this day, you can’t go to a wedding, a quinceañera or a baptism without hearing one of his songs. The Bukis have stood the test of time,” Councilman Price said in a statement.

For the Day of the Bukis celebration, the council will give away 2,000 t-shirts alluding to the group, at the District 9 headquarters at 4301 S. Central Ave. The group will perform on August 18 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, a stage where they last sang 25 years ago.

It should be noted that the group, who recently had their reunion, have begun a series of tours of various places with full houses, the success has been monumental in each stage that they appear.

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