Barbara Opsomer happy: the influencer celebrates a very special birthday

Tuesday, May 3, Barbara Opsomer celebrated a very special birthday, that of her little Gabriel, born a year ago to the day. She did not fail to immortalize the moment on her Instagram account.

On May 3, 2021, Barbara Opsomer gave birth to her son Gabriel. “I’ve been waiting for you for so long my love. On May 3 at 10:32 p.m. you finally decided to point the tip of your nose and from that moment I knew that my life was beginning. The path was long and painful, I don’t ‘have not lived thechildbirth which I dreamed of but you are there and since you have erased all my ills, the main thing for me is that you are in good health”, she had posted on her Instagram account to announce her birth. It must be said that the arrival of her little boy appeared as a gift from heaven for the one that was revealed in the tenth season of Secret Story. Indeed, she recently went through a painful ordeal. In December 2021, she announced, on blogger Jeremstar’s show, Baby Storybroadcast on Youtube, that she was suffering from cancer and that she was going to have to undergo an operation on the level of the uterus.

But now, it seems that the influencer wants to put these trials behind her. In fact, she recently announced that she was leaving Paris.Paris we have experienced many things together… Sometimes painful, sometimes surprising and sometimes very beautiful. Today it’s time for me to leave you. To turn a page… To start a new one… Far from you, far from us”, she wrote on her Instagram page.

She is celebrating her son’s birthday

Tuesday, May 3, Barbara Opsomer celebrated a very beautiful birthday: that of her little Gabriel, born a year ago to the day. “Happy birthday my Gabriel. One year that you fill me with happiness. I love you more than anything”, simply wrote the star, under a series of photos of her and her son. This publication did not fail to react to its community which hastened to comment on it by wishing a happy birthday to Gabriel. The best is yet to come…

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