Davutoğlu sends Öcalan to Bahçeli!

Future Party Chairman Ahmet Davutoğlu responded to the statements of MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli in the closing speech of his party’s Bolu camp.

Davutoğlu Bahçeli’s words: “Serok Ahmet’s longing for PKK, Babacan’s love for HDP, Kılıçdaroğlu’s interest in separatism is not a third block seeking in politics, it is downright betrayal of the homeland,” the letter was shown in silence. “

Davutoğlu also responded to the harsh response from Bahçeli regarding the participation of Deputy Chairman Ayhan Sefer Üstün and Vahdettin İnce in the 4th Ordinary Congress of HDP. Reminding that the vice-presidents of all parties came together and spoke at the advisory council meeting, Davutoğlu said, “If this is not striking, why are you striking an invitation?” he asked. Davutoğlu continued, “Unless we have a line with terrorism, we do not cooperate with any party in this area, but we are on every legal basis, we listen to everyone, we talk to everyone in the courtesy rules. These difficult days are the days of everyone talking”.

The highlights of Davutoğlu’s statements are as follows:

It is not possible for me to accept that I am addressed as a traitor, as a citizen who has not looked after this country as an informal citizen. Now, instead of the words of betrayal, a style that we criticize each other with respect should come. See whoever used the word betrayal disrespectfully that word came back to himself. Nobody should make such accusations indigenously. If he has documents, he should give it to the legal authorities.

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There is an implicit accusation against the PKK for longing. We have to stop here. I am the prime minister who gave the most comprehensive instruction against the PKK. After I gave that instruction, we handed each jusmine, sometimes in Silopi, sometimes in Van, sometimes in Yüksekova, with our soldiers there, with our police, with our Kurdish citizens.

If there is an accusation against the PKK today, it may have been heard when Osman Öcalan was released on the television of the state when the letter was received from Imrali before 23 June. But we have never longed for that longing, and we hugged our Kurdish citizens with longing. Everyone should question himself.


If you have a document in hand, I am ready to account everywhere. But if there is no such document, let’s not put politics on such a foot. You can’t really convince anyone when it comes to treason in the homeland one day. A period of maturity should begin in politics.


Dear Bahçeli and other party critics criticizing this issue, our friends know in the Assembly, the counseling assembly comes together and the group deputies of all parties sit together. While he is deputy chairman of the HDP, he promises to take a promise at the MHP. If this is not foolproof, why are you tempted to respond to an invitation? Unless it has a line with terrorism, we do not cooperate with any party in this area, but we are on every legal basis, listen to everyone, and talk to everyone in courtesy. These hard days are the days of everyone talking to everyone.

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