Daughter of Chino Ríos published an emotional reflection on her birthday

Constanza, the daughter of former national tennis player Marcelo “Chino” Ríos, published a tender reflection on the present on the occasion of her 19th birthday. The young woman shared her words on Instagram and was applauded by her followers.

“Well, this year has definitely been one of change for everyone. 2020 came and changed everything we thought we had without a doubt and the things that we never imagined could take us away, ”said the model also in her stories from the aforementioned social network.

“Still with all the limitations, I really enjoyed it today. I thank heaps to all who congratulated me, really “he added.

It is necessary to emphasize that Marcelo also he dedicated a tender birthday greeting to his daughter. The former national tennis player published a photograph of the young woman on his Instagram account and generated sighs among his followers.

“Happy birthday my love, have a great time I love you and miss you”, Chinese wrote in the image description.


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