Danna Paola shows sensual photo in Yucatan with mini bikini!

How we reported a few days ago Danna Paola is located in Yucatecan territory recording his next video clip of which we still don’t know his name, and of course the Mexican singer was not going to miss the opportunity to enjoy the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean.

And although he has not let us see much about the recording of his video clip, authorities of the public security secretariat of the State of Yucatan, reported that Danna Paola was recording on the beaches of Las Coloradas and in Puerto Progreso.

The only thing we know about the video clip is that Danna Paola used a lot of glitter for her characterization, and although he has not shown anything else if he shared a photo of his stay in Yucatan.

This Saturday, January 18, Danna Paola posted a photo on her Instagram account where she appears with a tiny blue bikini, so the followers assumed that Danna Paola He wasted no time and took advantage of the heat in Yucatan to take a dip and cool off after several days of recording.

The photograph shared by the interpreter of “hey Pablo” reached thousands of likes just a couple of hours after sharing it, as well as several comments from fans who did not hesitate to tell her how beautiful she looks in the image.

Unfortunately for the followers of Danna Paola in southeastern Mexico, the singer is about to leave Yucatecan lands, as it is well known this Sunday should be present at the Forum of Aztec TV for the 11th gala of the Academy.

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Danna Paola releases song in February

The interpreter of “notoriety” He has confirmed that it will be until February that we can enjoy his new song, and although there are still a couple of weeks to go by the date, his fans are eager to know the new project of Danna Paola, And although it is not yet known if it will be reggaeton or some ballad, what Danna Paola has been able to advance is that it is the best video clip of his career.

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