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Daniel Riolo analyzes PSG’s chances in Champions League quarter-finals against Barça: A 50-50 matchup

After the eliminations against Real in 2022, then Bayern in 2023, PSG is preparing to return to the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Barça. Two days before the trip to the Parc des Princes, Wednesday (9 p.m., on RMC Sport), Daniel Riolo, RMC Sport journalist, took stock of the Parisian chances. And according to him, this double confrontation is quite difficult to decipher

“We have very little certainty historically about a PSG which goes 50-50 in a head-to-head match”

“I would like to talk about the overall context because ultimately, it’s always the same: like every year, we don’t know and nothing changes,” he said on Monday in After Foot. “How will PSG react when an opponent arrives that it is not used to meeting. It’s like that every year. We know well that historically PSG’s problem is the first legs -returns. Since 2013, PSG have played 17 home and away matches. They have made three qualifiers against opponents of presumed equal strength and one achievement – ​​a qualification against an opponent where it was said that the opponent was stronger – it’s the match against Bayern (in the quarter) in 2021.”

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“We get to the games where they are the favorites and usually win: Valencia, Leverkusen, Chelsea in 2016, Dortmund in 2020, I don’t count Atalanta and Leipzig who weren’t back and forth. The problem is This is when they are not favorites or worse go 50-50.”

“Given the little information we have on PSG and even on Barça – capable of playing very well but having flaws – I want to say that it’s 50-50.”

“And we have very little certainty historically about a PSG which goes 50-50 in a head to head. There was Barça in 2021 when Mbappé scored a hat-trick at the Camp Nou but otherwise, against City or once against Chelsea are having a hard time. I’m not even talking about the matches against Real, or Manchester United where they were favorites.”

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“Technically and tactically, we are really in the unknown. A positive point is the state of mind. I want to believe that it has changed a little compared to recent years. There has been a good job done thanks to the renewal of the squad, we have instilled something new and Luis Enrique certainly has a lot to do with it, even if Tuchel’s state of mind during the year was excellent too, just like with Mauricio Pochettino, despite his limitations. If Barça is stronger, they will win but PSG has every chance.”

“I finish with the composition: if Danilo comes to the conference, that gives information, that means that he will probably play,” he concludes. “The changing pattern could give: Marquinhos, Danilo, Hernandez and Nuno Mendes, three or four at the back if Marquinhos shifts to the right. Hakimi’s replacement could be him (Marquinhos). If they play three at the back, Zaire -Emery on one side and Nuno on the other, Fabian Ruiz-Vitinha in the middle with Lee. And then, Dembélé and Mbappé. Xavi and Luis Enrique, it’s not the same way of playing. If they want to have the ball – because it’s more in Barça’s DNA – I think it’s in the transition phase that PSG will be the most dangerous. Obviously Mbappé must be strong and that will come through him if PSG wins “Besides, Dembélé will also have to be at Champions League level.”

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