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Damaging Effects of Temptation Island: Love or Leave Revealed – Aylin and Efrain Speak Out Against RTL and Producer SimpelZodiak

By our entertainment editors

02 Sep 2023 at 15:41

Aylin (24) and Efrain (26) have joined their participation Temptation Island: Love or Leave psychological problems. They want to take legal action against RTL and producer SimpelZodiak to prevent others from being as damaged as they are.

Two years after their participation, the couple feel strong enough to share their experience. In an interview with the AD they tell their story.

‘Drink in my orange juice’

On the reality show Temptation Island: Love or Leave under the watchful eye of cameras and under pressure from a group of seducers, couples test their relationship. The couples are separated and see through camera images and sound recordings what their partner is up to.

Participation in the second season of the program is very difficult for Aylin. She sleeps badly, made long shooting days and was offered alcohol instead of water. “When I took orange juice in the morning, I tasted that it also had a drink in it,” says Aylin. When the program is over, the couple may not be seen together for six months, so as not to reveal the results of the program. If they break that rule, they risk a hefty fine.

Aylin and Efrain’s mental health is going downhill fast. “I started to lock myself in more and more. I couldn’t sleep anymore. If I did sleep, I woke up sweating,” says Aylin. According to her, the emotional damage led to two suicide attempts.

‘Producers must be held accountable’

Efrain and Aylin don’t want others to be as damaged as they are. After mediation talks with RTL and producer Simpel Zodiak, the couple receives 30,000 euros. They receive the amount of money because of lost income because they could no longer work for a while and because of emotional damage. However, Aylin and Efrain feel that nothing is being changed in the way things are going and the amount of money is also not enough to cover the lost income.

The couple now works together with lawyer Sébas Diekstra, who is also a victim of The Voice assists. Aylin and Efrain hope to prevent others from becoming as damaged as they are. “Producers of television programs must be held accountable if they seriously damage impressionable and vulnerable participants by putting them under too much pressure,” says Diekstra. The lawyer also argues for more control over program makers.

A spokesperson responds to the story on behalf of RTL and SimpelZodiak. They confirm that confidential conversations have taken place, but do not want to go into detail for privacy reasons. They do emphasize that the penalty clauses are not intended to silence participants about their problems, but only to prevent spoilers.

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