Dace Pecolli has changed her mind about “Lauku sēta” winner Aigars – Show business

Initially, Pecolli provided particularly low rating To the maple, noting that he does not feel love in the food he has prepared, as well as he was not thrilled by the activity – entertainment with soap bubbles.

The illusionist then announced that looking at “Aigara’s fight with the tuna”, she left scythe.

Well, during Pecolli’s joint activity with the showman Mārtiņš Kapzemas, he discovered that he had changed his mind about Kļava.

“Aigariņi, you’ve won points this time. I put you down at first. I think you’re a very simple jack, the towel wasn’t like that,” Dace said to the “Farmstead” star.

“Like I told Aigars today, he’s like an onion – layer by layer, and look!” Pecolli added.

“Despite the fact that she is drastic, maybe she is disgusting at other times, talking to her face to face, she is actually a lazy man,” Aigars also changed his initial thoughts about Daci to the right.


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