The pilot version of CT’s click-through budget is already online, it doesn’t know much yet

Czech Television fulfilled yesterday’s promise by the CEO and made a very early form available on the website click-through budget.

“As of today, an overview of the funds spent in 2019 is available in the pilot version, from two different perspectives – according to the type of costs and their purpose. The information is presented in such a way that it can be gradually clicked on to varying degrees of detail, “Petr Dvořák, the director, pointed out today at a meeting of the Czech Television Council.

Basically, there are now two tables. However, the TV manager emphasized that the current form of the financial data presented in this way is not final, but will be further developed and supplemented with other functionalities. “So far, the information has been placed within the current structure of the CT website, supplementing the material with the budget for 2019, “explained the director.

According to yesterday’s statement, the full version can be expected in the new year.

“Of course, CT continues to meet the requirements for publication of contracts according to the Public Procurement Act and the Register of Contracts Act, “concluded the head of Czech Television.

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