Czech Handball Team Wins Against Congo in World Championship

After the match, the Czech team still had no information about the health status of the clutch player, who jumps into the position of pivot in the national team. “I don’t have any information yet. I just keep my fingers crossed that the result is not as bad as it seemed at first glance. We’ll see what the doctor tells us tomorrow,” said Bent Dahl, the Norwegian coach of the Czech team.

In the second half, the hard-playing Congolese made a sharp tackle awarded with a red card on another Czech striker, Veronika Mala, who was fouled while shooting. The wing didn’t take part in the game, but it should be fine. “It was no longer necessary for her to play. We preferred to let her rest so that she would be ready for the next match,” revealed Dahl.

It didn’t occur to him that the opponents would perform interventions behind the edge. “They weren’t dirty fouls. We just played very fast and sometimes we paid for it. It’s an experience for young players, you need to finish every situation to one hundred percent,” said the experienced coach.

The Czech representatives controlled the course of the match, except for the beginning. With him, their power play did not work out and Congo jumped to a 3:1 lead. But then the favorite took over and under the leadership of Markéta Jeřábková and especially Charlotte Cholevová, the top scorer of the match with eleven goals, quickly turned the score around. “I’m happy for Charlotte. He is struggling in the club, he is not given space. She deserves respect for the way she performed. Hopefully it will help her self-confidence,” believes Dahl.

At halftime, the Norwegian coach Bent Dahl’s team led 19:11, and this was not changed even by three unnecessary expulsions in a short sequence, after which the Czechs even played three against six for a while. “Some girls were emotionally affected by Kamila’s injury. It was hard to switch back into the game. But I’m proud of how the players managed it,” praised the Norwegian coach.

Photo: David Švarc/Czech Handball

Handball players beat Congo at the start of the WC, in the picture Kamila Kordovská.

Both goalkeepers also helped the team. Petra Kudláčková in the first half, Sabrina Novotné in the second. After her interventions, the national team jumped to a 26-13 lead, after which the lineup was turned around and Congo made it five times in a row. However, the Czech team already controlled the match and eventually won by ten goals. “I am happy for the victory. It wasn’t exactly an easy match, but we controlled the score quite comfortably,” Dahl assessed.

In the second game of the group, the Netherlands beat Argentina 41:26. The Czech handball players will challenge their South American opponent on Saturday from 3:30 p.m., and finally they will challenge the strong Dutch women on Monday from 8:30 p.m. The three best teams from the group are fighting their way through, so with their first victory, the Czechs have come significantly closer to progress, which can only be prevented by two losses and an unexpected interplay of other results.

Group H (Frederikshavn): Netherlands – Argentina 41:26 (20:14) Czech Republic – Congo 32:22 (19:11). Lineup and goals Czech Republic: Kudláčková, Novotná – Stříšková, Kordovská, Šustáčková 2, Desortová, Stellnerová, Kuxová 1, J. Franková 1, A. Franková, Zachová 2, Kovářová 2, Jeřábková 7/1, Malá 3, Jestříbková 3, Cholevová 11/2. Most Congolese goals: Ngombeleová 9. Referees: Bolic, Hurich (both Rak.) . Seven-meter throws: 3/3 – 3/2. Exclusion: 4:5. CK: 32. Makouala (Congo). Viewers: 200.1.Netherlands110041:262.Czech Republic110032:223.Congo100122:324.Argentina100126:41
2023-11-30 21:14:02
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