Cyclo-cross. Hélène Clauzel still 2nd in the United States

In the United States to compete in the World Cup heats, including that of Iowa this Sunday, Hélène and Perrine Clauzel (AS Bike Cross Team) take the opportunity to compete in other international cyclo-cross. Like Friday last week in Waterloo, Hélène Clauzel hung a 2e place this Friday at the Iowa City Jinglecross. 19-year-old Dutch Shirin van Anrooi (Baloise Trek Lions) edged her ahead by 31 seconds. Perrine Clauzel, who is still racing this Saturday, finished 5e at 1’46 ”, behind Caroline Mani, 3rd, and the Belgian Marion Norbert-Riberolle (Starcasino), 4th. The Alsatians are at the start of the World Cup round this Sunday on the same site, with a new top 10 target for Hélène Clauzel, who was ranked 7the Sunday in Waterloo.


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