Albrandswaards Dagblad | Corona pandemic strengthens stuttering problem

The Corona pandemic has a huge impact on our mental well-being worldwide. Research by the Emma Children’s Hospital Amsterdam UMC shows that the mental health of children and young people has deteriorated during the corona crisis. One of the problems that has arisen from this is an increase in the number of people who experience stuttering. The Del Ferro Institute saw an exponential growth in requests for stuttering therapy this year. Due to this growth in applications, the institute is opening its doors on World Stuttering Day to anyone who wants to know more about stuttering therapy.

People who stutter are much more bothered by their stuttering than before the Corona crisis. They attribute this, among other things, to ‘social distancing’, which has resulted in an increase in (online) home working. For most who stutter this is an extremely uncomfortable speaking situation, as they continuously see themselves stuttering and are constantly confronted with this.

Door: ANP | Photo: Envato


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