Customers are mad at Aldi, Lidl and Rewe: stores are now selling certain products

Industry expert Uwe Krüger from the Cologne Institute for Trade Research (IFH) assumes that demand will remain high. “I don’t think consumers will spend less money on fireworks this year,” he says.

“Demand is unbroken and retailers would be badly advised not to serve them.” For example, Aldi, Lidl, Kaufland and Real have announced that they want to keep going with the bang business because customers want it to.

“As long as the big discounter chains don’t follow the boycott, little will happen,” the expert believes. And if it does, many firecrackers could get into circulation without a safety badge, he warns. “Experience shows that the more customers are restricted, the more likely they are to migrate to the Internet. And there are also dangerous goods.”

For companies like manufacturer Weco it could be a matter of existence if the large chains should also join the boycott in the coming year. But the German industry leader is relaxed. Hornbach had last “anyway no significant New Year’s sales”. On the other hand, the major customers are already in negotiations for New Year’s Eve 2020 and there are “no signs of any intention to forego”.

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