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`Curious Story Y` Affectionate couple, past ticket owner-driver relationship?

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What is the truth of the topical YouTuber’Friendly Couple’ at the age of 36?

The affectionate couple is a couple YouTubers who gathered the topic of resemblance to Gian 84’s grandmother thin film-rye. When they first got the attention of netizens with their simple daily lives, they said, “It’s more than 20 years old,” but recently it was revealed that they were 36 years old, and they were shocked, and afterwards, they were caught up in controversy and suspicion of debt. .

On the 18th, SBS’Story of Wonders Y’revealed the truth of these couples. In the broadcast, one informant said, “(petals) aunt (referred to as wife) only did not force (prostitution).

“(In the coffee shop) there were many places where the money wasn’t paid back by the number of days. Because of that (while in the coffee shop), I ran away. Looking at YouTube, I was stunned because I was living without anything sorry.”

Another informant said, “My husband even drove me to an inn for prostitution. It was’Uncle Tycho’. The two were between the owner and the driver.”

Despite the subsequent disclosures, the couple released their family relationship certificate and ID card, and they met each other for the first time at a restaurant and fell in love. All suspicions related to the past were clarified that they were not true.

However, when the production crew showed the reporter’s video and asked the truth again and again, “It was a coffee shop. It was not a ticket cafe. I have never connected an employee with a man. We don’t know that, but aren’t they the ones who have ever done that?”

Regarding the suspicion of some of the suspicions of “pretending to be a fake couple to make money,” he even showed the chart record of the hospital that he received counseling, saying, “I went to a hospital specializing in in vitro procedures to have a child a few years ago.”

Also, the wife said, “I was going to receive an egg. I had my period until the age of 62, but at that time I was 68,” he stressed that the couple was correct.

On the other hand, the affectionate couple claimed that the coffee shop operation was true, but did not operate the ticket, when demands for clarification poured out due to such suspicion in November. I will pay back the money in the near future,” he said.

Regarding the controversy that arose by introducing themselves as farmers, he said, “I started farming bellflowers two years ago by lending someone else’s home. What can I do at this age? Please understand my situation with me.” “I don’t care for each other, and they understand each other and live in a very quiet manner. Just look at that. I wasn’t the person I did on YouTube, and I happened to do it. I also asked for a nice look.”

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