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Curious situation in Litvínov. Godla caught part of the match in a foreign mask!

He destroyed all 25 shots, covered the penalty shootings and rightly cheered after the battle with Vítkovice. Denis Godla caught the hockey players Litvínov’s thin win (1: 0 in overtime) and for the second time in the Verva jersey he kept a clean shield in the extra league. At the same time, he was not thrown off by a curious passage at the end of the middle act.

Ondřej Hájek, ČTK

Godl’s strap broke on his mask, but his partner David Honzík, who provided his own to the Slovak national team, quickly offered him a helping hand. “It belongs to him. It was about two numbers bigger, which caused me problems. But I tried to focus on the game and not notice it. I changed it back in the middle of the Vítkovice power play, in which they probably didn’t even shoot at the goal, “said the 25-year-old mage, who does not remember a similar moment in his career.

Although he had a spare mask in his locker room, it is not spray-painted in Litvínov colors. He eventually borrowed part of his equipment from a colleague two years older and spent more than two minutes on the ice. “The repair took a little longer, the custodians had to run to the warehouse,” Godla explained.

Litvínov goalkeeper Denis Godla fires a shot by Rostislav Marosz from Vítkovice during a penalty shot.

Ondřej Hájek, ČTK

Already in his own mask, he eliminated Marosz’s penalty shot in the third period, when he kicked the wheel brilliantly with concrete. “I tried to poke the puck, but he pulled it to the side and hit me in the leg,” commented one of the key moments of the match by the yellow-black goalkeeper.

Holaně was annoyed only by Polak’s blink during his debut. Such things cannot be accepted, he says

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