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Curious exhibits from Oktoberfest |

Pumps, teeth and football book are looking for owners

Munich – Even one day after the end of the Wiesn, people were queuing on the Theresienwiese – in front of the objects found under the statue of Bavaria.

Lost and found items can be picked up there from 10:00 to 18:00 on Tuesdays. A total of around 3,600 artifacts (400 fewer than in 2019) were handed over to the Wiesn Lost Property Office this year. Including: ID cards, clothes, wallets, cell phones, keys, glasses, bags and umbrellas.

Particularly curious: A pair of teeth, wedding rings, a book by Jürgen Klinsmann, glittered pumps with a price tag and an apprenticeship contract also ended up in the lost property office.

Photo: Lena Wurzenberger

Boss Hubertus Busch (50) to BILD: “After seven years at the Wiesn lost property office, nothing can surprise me anymore. A couple of years ago, a Swiss couple lost a wheelchair to the Ferris wheel and luckily the has recovered. This was the craziest story for me. “

Wiesn visitors who are still looking for something they have lost can visit the special exhibition at Implerstraße 11 from November 14 to January 28.

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